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Making a Reservation
Call: (660) 412-1820

1. Why do we have to reserve in advance & tell you our entree selection?
We order our meat in every week so it is as fresh as possible!

2. When do reservations & meat selections need to be in by?
No later than Wednesday at noon (prior to the weekend of your reservation).

3. Can I book a reservation further out or is it only one week at a time?
You can book reservations weeks or months in advance. We just need a day, time & how many. You can tell us your entree selection closer to time.

4. Can we reserve to sit in the grainbin?
Yes! When making your reservation just ask for the grainbin, if it isn’t already reserved we can seat you there!

5. What is family style?
Family style means your meat is served on a platter. But - the salad, potatoes, rolls and vegetable is served in bowls (big portions) that you pass around your table.

6. Do I have to have a group to reserve?
No, you can reserve for one person to as many people as you wish!

7. Does your menu change?
The menu will remain the same UNLESS we choose to do a special for a holiday or event, etc — other than those special times, the menu remains the same.

9. What’s included in the price?
Your entree (meat), dinner rolls, salad, vegetable, potato, dessert & choice of tea, water or lemonade. Gratuity is not included in the price.

10. Do you serve alcohol?
Yes, we serve beer & wine for an additional cost.

11. Can we arrive early?
Yes, you’re welcome to arrive early. Just be mindful that we have a 5:30pm seating (that may be finishing up) & a 7:30pm seating.

12. Can you host special events?
Yes! We do holiday parties, company parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, bridal/baby showers, birthday parties, etc. Give us a call & we can work with you to make whatever accommodations you need for the event!

Reservations: Welcome
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